Financial education is still a necessity and the sooner it starts in school, the better chances to have a real impact.

We, at the On The Money Trail project, are developing an interactive ebook for children to introduce financial related topics and prompt children to adopt responsible behaviours when it comes to the use of money. This is a Erasmus+ con-financed project and thus its results will be freely accessible when ready.

The book tells the tale of a little boy/girl that incidentally enters an underground kingdom while exploring the woods near his/her family home. The initial thrill fades as he/she realizes that he/she is away from home and wants to return. A newly made friend will point the way home, but the passage his being protected by a giant that only grants passage against a payment in coins. The boy/girl will have his/her new friends help gathering the needed coins, living adventures together and solving small challenges.

The ebook demo version will be ready in the next months, but in the meantime follow us!