Stowarzyszenie “Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiębiorczości”

The Association operates from 30.06.2004 conducting activities related to the support and promotion of modern education and entrepreneurship, scientific research and consulting, conducting training, publishing, marketing, consulting and advertising activities. The Association provides services to support education through the implementation of transnational education projects aimed at young people and the organization of training. It also runs a consulting support for companies operating in the Subcarpathian region and Lesser Poland region and implements investment projects aimed at improving the quality of business support services. The Association is active in the field of science, expressed in the commitment to research projects and conducting its own analyzes of society.

The Association cooperates with many partners from Europe (including Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Italy) jointly implementing projects aimed at children, young people, learners and entrepreneurs. This cooperation allows for the exchange of experiences with partners from other countries and use this experience in Subcarpathian region. The Association took the initiative to establish a network of cooperation with research institutions and businesses in order to promote the effective use by companies from renewable energy sources. In its activities, it is also working with local government units.

The Association carried out many educational projects dedicated to pre-school and school children, raising their awareness and knowledge on various fields.

Advancis Busness Services, Lda

Advancis Business Services, Lda (Advancis) is a Portuguese-based research, consultancy and training company, focusing on Education and People Management.
Advancis engages in R&D projects in the areas of education and people management, cooperating with national and international partners, to support the development of new knowledge, processes, products and services, including:

  • curricula for higher education, school education and vocational Education
  • digital and non-digital learning contents
  • learning digital games and interactive ebooks
  • tools for effective leaders and managers

Advancis offers support in the areas of education and people management tailored to the needs of each organisation, including:

  • implementation of project-based pedagogical models
  • implementation of people’s management processes

Advancis offers innovative lifelong learning opportunities for educators and managers based on the major international trends, covering a wide set of areas:

  • new learning approaches, methodologies and tools
  • new leadership models and people management approaches and tools

Advancis benefits from a multidisciplinary group of professionals and from important institutional partnership, namely with the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) and Kaospilot (Denmark).

Boon Unipessoal, Lda.

BOON is a dynamic design, communication and consultancy company.
The company involves a group of experienced and multidisciplinary professionals to serve the clients’ needs, both individual and collective.
BOON’s main activity has been the development of design and illustration concepts for computer/smartphone/tablet software, websites and online/paper publications, and the development of marketing and communication strategies for businesses.
Overall, BOON’s products have been mainly dedicated to educational purposes, using the visual communication to engage children and adults in the learning environment. BOON builds and designs the visual patterns for Games, eBooks and other tools, delivering innovative and humanity centered services.

Scuole Paritarie dell’Istituto delle Maestre Pie dell’Addolorata

Our school is part of the organization Istituto Maestre Pie dell’Addolorata, founded by Beata Elisabetta Renzi inspired by the passion and development of education.
The christian identity of our school includes:
The centralization of the children, opening up and conversing, exchanging view points with others, the school is a place of psychological education for the entire family, the attention is toward the process of education not the priority of the finished product.
With respect for each childs’ individual learning times methods are in place for playful education ,developing a pleasure for learning together.Working together in groups is important for growth and aids the continuation and confrontation with others.
The school complex includes:

  • Senior school
  • Junior school
  • Primary school
  • In the Infant school classes are divided by similar ages
  • Each section is formed with a maximum of 28 children,with a teacher and teaching assistant present in each class.

Also present in the primary school is the nursery with children from two years old.
The essential teaching methods used by the MPDA are:

  • The importance of playtime
  • Exploration and research
  • Relationships with others
  • Observation,planning,projecting, documenting
  • Class and inter class activities
  • Laboratories

The different activities of the school are divided in “ fields of experience “ and reflect the continued flexibility and invention of the diversifying challenges produced for the children.
Relating to different time scales and styles of learning , to the motivation and interests of the child is an important factor for the highly trained members of the teaching staff especially;
Learning is based on research and production, and with the possibility to follow each child individually; all thanks to equipment, structured methods, variated age related activities, different learning times dependent on each individual child.
An important part of our schools is the design and structure of our classrooms and laboratories with different sections available for the children to touch, play, build and invent.
Another important function in our organization is time, structured in a way to help the growth of our children, a time to welcome and a time for routine, for free play and planned, for all our children.

Dječji vrtić “Radost” Zadar

The kindergarten “Radost” was founded in 1972, but the beginning of the work dates back to 1946, when only one group started to work.
Today’s kindergarten “Radost” is a preschool institution with eight regional facilities, accepting 926 children deployed in 43 groups, attended by 80 professional staff, 6 administrative-accounting staff and 44 technical service staff.
Based on the Pre-school Education and Training Act, our kindergarten provides regular programs of nursing, nursing, education, health care, nutrition and social care of pre-school children adapted to the developmental needs of children and their capabilities and needs.
Our kindergarten professionals are: director, two pedagogues ,psychologist ,speech therapist, health manager and 80 educators.
It has adapted its work organization DV “Radost” to citizens of Zadar, so work is organized on the basis of a five-day working week. The work in kindergartens is organized in the primary program from 6.30 to 16.30 and the afternoon program – pre-school program from 15.30 (16.00) to 18.00 (18.30) hours.
In October 2005, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports issued a decision by which DV “Radost” was appointed as a full-time training unit for the training of teachers and preschool teachers of the University of Zadar.
Professors and students of the University are our daily guests. Students attending, hiring, practicing, taking exams with mentoring staff.
The DV “Radost” center is for taking vocational examinations for pre-school children’s upbringing in the area of Zadar and Šibenik-Knin County. A part of the candidate for a professional exam is also being prepared at our institution under the guidance of the Commission for Internship.
In the atmosphere of trust between adults and children, warmth, love and high culture of curation, we strive to be a kind of kindergarten, where joy is happening and happy and happy children are staying.